New podcast!

Hello! And thanks for finding our new website and podcast.

The idea for All Ears came from Kathy's husband Paul, who listens to a lot of podcasts, and suggested Kathy might like listening to a bunny related podcast as a way of finding out more about rabbit care and welfare and as something enjoyable to listen to.

Kathy could only find 2006's My Rabbit Grace and 2008's The Rabbit Show With Dan the Rabbit Man. They felt a little bit out of date. 

With a mere six months experience of recent bunny ownership, Kathy didn't feel qualified to be the sole voice of the podcast, or to advise on complex bunny care issues. She also preferred the idea of a conversation instead of a monologue, and so recruited Sabina at a Rabbit Awareness event.

With the popularity of rabbit forums and social media pages, it feels like there is a place for a rabbit related podcast - something rabbit enthusiasts could listen to as they cleaned out the litter trays or on the way to work, and hear useful information about rabbit welfare, interesting tales of bunny exploits and regular fun features.

We'd love this podcast to become a valuable resource for the rabbit owning community and need your help!

If you're knowledgeable about any specific areas of rabbit care or welfare, or have any bunnies with interesting stories/histories please get in touch, as we'd love to interview you.

And if you have any constructive feedback on any of the episodes or suggestions on features or improvements please get in touch. We can be contacted via Twitter at @allears_podcast or via our comment form here.

Thanks for listening! We hope you enjoy it!

Sabina & Kathy