All Ears Podcast is a monthly podcast on rabbit welfare presented by Sabina and Kathy. It includes interviews with rabbit experts and bunny enthusiasts, food and toy reviews and discussion of bunny myths.


Sabina lives in Rotherham with her husband, James, and has twelve fur-babies, including five guinea pigs, one cat and six rabbits:

“The pair”

Snowie and Bella (aka BoBo and BumBum). Both were adopted from rescues, and are aged three. Snowie is a Himalayan netherland dwarf cross and Bella is a Black Otter netherland dwarf cross. They are seriously in love and hopelessly devoted to each other! Bella has an ongoing upper respiratory infection (URI) so is a chronic “snuffles” bunny. The live in a 6x4 shed with attached aviary, and free range on their enclosed garden every other day. They like broccoli and not being picked up……

“The quad”

Flower, Dini, Br’er and Honeysuckle (aka Le Fleur, Beans, Br’er Br’er and HS). All adopted from rescues and are aged two, but Honeysuckle’s age is unknown, as she was handed in as a stray. Flower is a large harlequin cross-breed, with only one ear; Dini is a Dutch netherland dwarf cross; Br’er is an agouti lop, and Honeysuckle is a beautiful black cross-breed. The quad started life as a pair, with Flower and Dini, then increased to a trio, with Br’er, and has now increased to a quad, with Honeysuckle joining the fold, in August 2014. They live in a 6x8 shed with attached aviary, and share the garden with the pair. They like everything, and are one greedy bunch of bunnies…..

Dini & Flower

Sabina has kept rabbits for most of her life, along with cats, guinea pigs, hamsters and fish.

Sabina is on the fundraising committee for a local animal charity, and can usually be found covered in hay, and talking to anyone who will listen about animal welfare and awareness. She also enjoys vegetarian cooking, reading and tattoos!



Kathy lives in Sheffield, and is bunny slave to Waffles and Dumblepaws (DP). They're brother and sister mini rexes, born in Sept 2013.  

Waffles and DP playing football

Waffles and DP playing football

As a child, Kathy had two rabbits and three guinea pigs, always in a one bunny and one piggie combination - as recommended by 1980s vets! Kathy waited over 5 years and moved house to get a garden before getting Waffles and DP, as her husband, Paul, has lots of wires, so indoor bunnies were definitely out of the question.

When not being groomed and hopped on by the bunnies, Kathy enjoys the theatre, and is currently working her way through a selection of crafts in an attempt to find a new hobby.